Starting April 15th, we will be looking into the book of Job during our worship time. Job is one of the hardest books in the Bible to comprehend. Many people, once they read the old story found in chapters 1-2, jump to the end in chapter 42 to find the happy ending. However, the true meaning and wisdom of the story of Job is found in between these bookends. In the middle of the volume, Job wrestles with his suffering with his friends, another friend (albeit younger and less helpful), and then ultimately God. We find in this wrestling a very messy intellectual entanglement of theological platitudes, misrepresentations and realisms that expose the neat and tidy bookends of the volume that the old story proclaims. In this wrestling we see our own lives, how easy it is to ponder about things when we observe it from afar. In fact, we do this on a regular basis when we see others deal with life issues and struggles. Yet when we find ourselves in the middle of such struggles, we learn that simplistic theological axioms fail to comprehend the whole of our situation. Like Job, we find ourselves before the mystery of God, lost in wonder and left with a choice: whether to trust God in spite of our circumstances, or allow the circumstances of our lives to be the ultimate author of our story. Yes, Job is a hard read, but when we journey deeper into our collective existences, past the oversimplifications that we use as theological crutches, and demand to know more, we find our Creator who graciously meets with us, even though afterward, as we mature in our faith, we are less sure of life’s answers. Join us starting April 15th as we look at the book of Job.