ORdinary Saints

This November we are going to explore those characters in the Bible who don't take up more than a sentence or two, perhaps we don't even learn their name but, nevertheless, they made it into scripture. They are in and out in a verse but, when it was their time, they did the Lord’s will. Their acts were not extraordinary. In fact, they simply did the ordinary things you or I might do on any given day.
Through this series I hope that each of us might gain a better understanding of what it means to be a saint in the kingdom of God. It does not mean we are especially holy people. It does not mean we have extraordinary virtue or stamina. It means we have a holy God and, though maybe a simple one, we have a holy calling – to be of service to our God whenever we can, in whatever manner we are asked. We shall discover it happens in the ordinary moments of life – by carrying someone’s burden a little way down the road, using your money to further a cause, helping a sick friend to get the care they need,  these are the simple acts of human kindness that have become a part of God’s Holy Word.  These acts, when you and I do them in God’s name, make us ordinary (and extraordinary) saints.  Join us in worship for Ordinary Saints during the month of November, and learn how through God's grace, we are saints for his kingdom. 

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