FAith in tough Times

Life is unpredictable. There are moments when life is everything that we could ever imagine, and all we would hope that it would be, and in other times, it is a nightmare from which it seems there is no morning. It is in the moments of struggle when our faith tends to be displaced, wen pragmatism trumps what we know to be right. It is when most people fall away from the church, because we tend to turn in rather than out when times are tough. Daniel certainly had is share of tough times. When the kingdom of Judah fell, he was relocated to the foreign city of Babylon, where he was a slave to the foreign king. Part of the plan for the Hebrew slaves were to indoctrinate them into the Babylonian way of life. Of course, it certainly would have been easier for Daniel to fall in line, yet he resolved to worship the God of his fathers in this foreign land, and because of his faith, he not only survived, but thrived in captivity.   Join us as we look at the stories in Daniel in worship as we learn about "Faith in Tough Times"